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Miscellaneous easy conversation videos on YouTube

Elsewhere on this site I have written in detail about instructional videos on YouTube that expose you to elements of conversation:

I will use this article to post to list other such materials you may find useful. I will add to this list as I find more things over time. Here is what I can share with you so far:

  • Qasid Arabic Institute in Jordan has around 25 audio-only “videos” on YouTube under the username ArabicAnywhere.

    The Arabic presented here appears to be rather colloquial. For example, in the video Do you have a moment?, the word حبيبتي ‘my (female) darling’ is pronounced colloquially as ḥabiibt-ii rather than as Standard Arabic ḥabiibat-ii. And certain expressions introduced are pure spoken Arabic, such as the expression زيّ الزفت zayy iz-zift ‘like dirt’ introduced in Having a bad day?. If you are learning Standard Arabic, don’t let this put you off! “Knowing Arabic” means having enough knowledge of Standard Arabic to be able to read and at the same time knowing enough of a modern dialect to interact with people spontaneously.

    The Qasid Arabic Institute website claims to have around 70 videos, as well as PDFs. If you enjoy these videos, it might be useful signing up with them so as to access the PDFs for these videos, so you can see how all the words are written.


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