Month: May 2017

beginning, intermediate

Shaykh Munaf’s Arabic conversations: Episode 3

In this article I’ll be guiding you through the third episode in Shaykh Munaf’s series of Arabic conversations. This episode starts with Shaykh Munaf (مناف munaaf) running into Abdur Rahmaan (عبد الرحمان ʕabd ir-raḥmaan), who, again, is dragging a suitcase. Here’s the video: Munaf asks Abdur Rahman where he is coming from, using this phrase: …

beginning, intermediate

Talking about eating and meals

In this article we’ll be looking at how to talk about eating in Arabic, especially with respect to the verbs that are used and the names of the meals. The basics The most basic word meaning to talk about eating in Arabic is يأكل ya’kul ‘to eat’. Here are the singular forms of this verb …


ArabicPod101’s video “Do you speak English?”

“Do you speak English?” is a video in ArabicPod101’s “Arabic in 3 Minutes” series. In it, presenter Carole teaches you how to ask someone if they speak your language. Here is the video: This video is rather easy, but there are still a few things needing some explanation. I’ll take you through all of the …