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What to do while waiting for Arabic 2 to begin

After completing my Arabic 1 course at UvA Talen, it can sometimes be a long wait until the Arabic 2 course begins. So, pupils occasionally ask what they can do to keep working on their Arabic while they’re waiting for the next course. I provide a few ideas in this article.

Review Bite-Size. You have just learned how to read Arabic. Because this skill is so new, it is important to keep reading in the language so as not to forget. One easy way to do that is to redo the translation exercise at the end of each unit in the Bite-Size Arabic textbook.

Watch some easy videos. This blog has articles on a number of short videos appropriate for your level. Search under the category “beginning” in the sidebar. Here are a few I would recommend especially for your level:

Mastering Arabic 1. In Arabic 2 we will be using the textbook Mastering Arabic 1, but we will be skipping the first units and be starting with Unit 6 or 7. So, one thing you could do would be to buy the textbook early and work through Units 1 through 5. While that will be very easy for you, you will learn a bit of new vocabulary. The book comes with two CDs, so you can listen to the accompanying audio material.

Complete Arabic. If you are ambitious, you could use your time working with an alternative textbook. I highly recommend Complete Arabic, which also optionally comes with audio CDs. Since you can already read, the first few units of the book are quite doable. You will learn some useful new vocabulary and keep up with your reading. If you want to purchase it in a shop in Amsterdam, it may be available at either Waterstones or American Book Center on the Spui.

I hope this gives you some ideas. I hope to see you again in Arabic 2!


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