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Want to improve your Arabic on location in Cairo?

I am sometimes contacted by former students who decide they would like to take a trip to Egypt to improve their Arabic. What they need is suggestions for courses and the like. This article provides some suggestions. Language Schools and Other Institutions Kalimāt. The first place I will mention is Kalimāt, an Arabic language school …

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An American journalist learns Arabic during the Egyptian revolution

The New Yorker magazine recently published a long article by Peter Hessler, who an American writer and journalist who moved to Egypt in 2011 and learned Arabic over the several years that he remained there. The article, called “Talk like an Egyptian” (though versions have also appeared with other titles) gives insight about quite a …

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Depictive calligraphy: When the word for ‘duck’ looks like a duck

Part of the magic of Arabic calligraphy is that a skilled calligraphy can stack, intertwine, superimpose, and change the proportions and positions of words so as to obtain a recognizable shape of the sentence or phrase that is written. Here to the right is an example from the Wikipedia page on Islamic calligraphy in which …