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Dr. Bulbul’s Videos

In February 2022, Dr. Bulbul began posting very short videos in simple Arabic to TikTok and YouTube. Each video has a page on this site with a transcription and translation. Happy learning! Clip 0007: أتَناوَل الإفطار ‘I’m eating breakfast’ Clip 0006: عندي سبع تفّاحات ‘I have seven apples’ Clip 0005: كلب أحمر، قطة… حمراء Clip …

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Clip 0002

مُدَرِّس وَمُتَرْجِم This video was posted in February 2022. You can view the clip here on TikTok or here on YouTube. Here is a line-by-line transcript and translation. Click here to return to the list of clips. Translation Arabic Hello, my friend (masc.). Hello, my friend (fem.). أهلاً يا صديقي. أهلاً يا صديقتي. My name …