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The intermediate category is for learners with a vocabulary of a few hundred words and who can read whole sentences in Arabic script.

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ArabicPod101’s “Arabic in Three Minutes” Series is a site with hundreds of short instructional videos for learners of Arabic. There is material available for all different levels. I have read very positive reviews about this service, and the paid subscription, which gives you access to all the videos and also to accompanying printed material, seems to be a good deal. …

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All about يَشْرَب yashrab ‘to drink’

If you’re learner of Arabic, chances are you know the word يشرب yashrab ‘to drink’, even if you’re just a beginner. But there are some facts about this word you might not be aware of. Let’s a explore a bit, but first the basics. The basics about yashrab The present tense form of this verb …