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The beginning category is for learners who have only a very basic vocabulary. Beginners may not have learned to read Arabic script yet, but they may be able to read simple sentences.

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Some basic expressions for Ramadan

In this article we’ll be looking some basic words and expressions concerning Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. Happy Ramadan! There are a couple of common expressions to wish someone a happy Ramadan, the first of which is this: رَمَضان كرِيم. ramaḍan kariim. literally: ‘Ramadan is nobel/generous.’ The usual reply to this expression is: اللهُ …

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Supplementary Readings for Arabic 1-4

Occasionally an Arabic class will go more quickly through the course material and planned. This page provides a list of supplemental readings and materials that can be used. Arabic 1 An untitled story in which two children take a walk and see a chick. here here here here

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Duolingo: Descriptions 2

Welcome to the Descriptions 2 skill in Dr. Bulbul’s Guide to Duolingo Arabic. This skill introduces the letter ن nuun and the ‘alif laam ligature—لا—which is actually the combination of two letters. The official Tips and Notes for this skill (which are quite sparse) can be found here. The letter ن nuun The letter ن …

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Arabic 2 syllabus: August 2019

The following is the overall syllabus for UvA Talen Arabic 2, August-September 2019. The syllabus is based on a previous course and will be updated each week with current information as the course progresses. A couple of useful links: Audio vocabulary flashcards on Memrise. Mastering Arabic official resources. And also a couple of important points: …

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Duolingo: Descriptions 1

Welcome to the Descriptions 1 skill in Dr. Bulbul’s Guide to Duolingo Arabic. The Descriptions 1 skill introduces the letters س siin and ع 3ayn. The  ـّـ shadda is also introduced, which is a diacritic used to indicate a doubled consonant. The official Tips and Notes for this skill (which are quite sparse) can be …

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Dr. Bulbul’s Guide to Duolingo Arabic

The Duolingo Arabic course was released out of beta in early July 2019. I am currently writing a guide to the course and am posting this material to this site as I write it. The course consists of 31 skills. As of July 18, 2019, I have written guide pages for the following skills: Alphabet …