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Al-Manhal’s children’s book, set 1, book 3: يَحْيا الْعَدْل

cover, set 1, book 3 The third book in Al-Manhal’s set of stories for children learning Arabic is called يحيا العدل yaḥyaa l-ʕadl ‘long live fairness!’. This is a fairly simple book. Since the main characters in it are a pair of cats, you will encounter a number of dual forms, such as القطّتان ’al-qiṭṭataan ‘the two cats’, which is the (nominative) dual form of القطّة ’al-qiṭṭa ‘the cat’.

I have prepared this vocabulary list, which will help you work through the book.

You can download a PDF of the book from here. Within certain PDF viewers (but not all PDF viewers!) you can listen to embedded audio by clicking on the text.


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